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Safran to provide navigation system for French Army's Griffon armoured vehicles

PARIS (BNS): French defence firm Safran has been chosen to provide navigation systems for the Griffon armoured vehicles as part of French Army's Scorpion programme.

Under the programme, the French Army would be acquiring 1,668 Griffon multi-role armoured vehicles (VBMR) between 2018 and 2033.

Safran will supply the Epsilon 10 navigation system for the vehicles, along with a system based on hemispherical resonating gyros (HRG) for the artillery observation version (VOA), the company said.

Griffon VOA artillery observation vehicles will be fitted with Safran's Paseo optronic (electro-optical) system, comprising an inertial navigator derived from the Sigma 20 family.

This system will give the Griffon VOA target location capability on a par with NATO's best-in-class standards, it said.

The Epsilon 10 navigation system is an integral part of the digital battlefield and operates in conjunction with a tactical coordination instrument. It gives multi-role armoured vehicles autonomous engagement capability in the case of a GPS signal loss, jamming or other countermeasures.

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