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Saudi Arabia orders $71 mln JAVELIN missiles from DSCA

Javelin guided missiles.

WASHINGTON (BNS): Government of Saudi Arabia has ordered 150 Javelin Guided Missiles from the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency under the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) programme.

The total value of the contract is estimated worth $71 million.

Under the contract, DSCA will also supply 12 Fly-to-Buy Missiles, 20 JAVELIN Command Launch Units (CLUs) with Integrated Day/Thermal Sight, containers, missile simulation rounds, Enhanced Producibility Basic Skills Trainer (EPBST), rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries and other related elements of logistics support.

Saudi Arabia will increase its defence capability with the addition of new JAVELIN Guided Missiles and it will be also capable to protect its homeland defence and fight against the regional threats.

Currently, Saudi Arabia does not have JAVELIN Anti-tank missiles in its inventory and it will not face any difficulty with these additional missiles.


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