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Singapore hosts multi-national Bersama Lima exercise

Australian and New Zealand Navy helicopters in formation during Exercise Bersama Lima in the South China Sea in Oct 2008. An Australian MoD photo

SINGAPORE (BNS): Singapore is set to host the annual Bersama Lima military exercise involving the land, naval and air forces of Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and UK from Monday.

The wargame, a major Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) joint exercise, will see the participation of about 4000 troops, 68 aircraft, 18 ships, two submarines and various support elements from the FPDA member nations.

This year's exercise will comprise a shore phase held at the Changi Command and Control Centre and a sea phase that will be carried out in the South China Sea, the Singapore Defence Ministry said.

Exercise Bersama Lima aims to enhance interoperability and mutual understanding among the personnel of the FPDA armed forces. It also serves to strengthen the FPDA's capabilities in dealing with regional security challenges, the MoD said.

The exercise will conclude on November 4, 2011.

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