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Spanish Navy's warship visits Turkey

ISTANBUL (BNS): Spanish Navy’s largest multi-role warship, Juan Carlos I, has made port call at Turkish city Istanbul as part of its first 'resistance voyage' which began on May 2.

The amphibious assault ship docked at Istanbul on May 29 for five days.

The aim of this cruise around the Mediterranean was to check functioning of equipment and systems during long navigation periods as well as to enable internal crew training, the ship’s builder Navantia said.

During this period, various flight operations were carried out for which three helicopters and a Harrier AV-8B Plus multi-mission, short-takeoff vertical landing (STOVL) tactical strike aircraft were launched from the ship’s deck.

A number of officials, including from the Turkish Navy and the local industry, visited the landing platform dock (LHD).

Spanish Navy received Juan Carlos I in September 2010 from Navantia.

The 231 meters long and 32 meters wide warship has a water displacement of 27,079 tonnes. It can cruise at a maximum speed of 21 knots.

The ship can carry a cargo of 26,000 tons and a crew of 243 persons. It also carries a landing force made up of 100 Marines, various vehicles and 2 LCM-1E amphibious assault craft, also built by Navantia.

In its amphibious role, the warship can carry and operate up to 30 aircraft, including medium and heavy helicopters.

Navantia plans to design and build similar LHDs for the Turkish naval forces.


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