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Sukhoi delivers two Su-34 bombers to Russian Air Force

The Su-34 bomber. Image credit: Sukhoi

MOSCOW (BNS): After supplying modernised Su-24M2 bombers, the Sukhoi Company has delivered two Su-34 frontline fighter bombers to the Russian Air Force.

The two planes have arrived at the Russian AFs Lipetsk Center for Combat Use and Flight Training, Sukhoi said on Tuesday.

As per a 5-year state contract, the company will produce 32 Su-34 bombers by 2013, it said.

The Su-34s are slated to replace the Su-24 attack aircraft.

The two-seat Su-34 is designed to deliver high-precision strikes on heavily defended air, ground and naval targets (including small and mobile targets) on solo and group missions in all weather conditions, day or night, as well as for air reconnaissance.

The dedicated fighter bomber version of the Sukhoi Su-27 is equipped with active security systems and modern computers with artificial intelligence elements which enable the pilot/operator to deliver precise strikes on targets and make maneuvers under hostile fire.

The bomber is designed to be fitted with subsonic and supersonic homing missiles and glider bombs which can destroy hardened and well-camouflaged targets at a range of up to 250 km. With three refuelings, the Su-34 is capable of covering a distance of over 14,000 kms.

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