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TALON laser-guided rocket flight demonstration held

TALON Laser-Guided Rockets. Photo: Raytheon

DUBAI (BNS): Raytheon and Emirates Advanced Investments (EAI) Group have carried out an operational demonstration of the TALON Laser-Guided Rocket from AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters.

During the demonstration held in Abu Dhabi, pilots fired TALON Laser-Guided Rockets at stationary and moving targets.

All shots during the demonstration were successful, further verifying the operational performance of the TALON Laser-Guided Rocket, Raytheon said.

TALON has been tested to the very edge of its performance requirements, including short range (1.2 kilometers) and long range (6 kilometers). It has also been launched from both moving and stationary platforms, and employed against both moving and stationary targets.

The TALON LGR is a semi-active laser guidance and control kit that connects directly to the front of 2.75-inch unguided rockets currently in US and international inventories.

It is fully compatible with existing airborne and ground laser designators and requires no modifications to the launch platform and also fills the critical operational capability gap between unguided rockets and expensive heavy guided missiles, a Raytheon statement said.


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