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Thales Alenia Space to design APSTAR 7B

A graphical representation of Apstar-7 satellite in space.

CANNES (BNS): Thales Alenia Space has signed a contract with the APT Satellite Company Limited, a leading satellite operator in the Asia Pacific Region, for the design, manufacture and delivery on ground of a high-capacity telecommunication satellite.

APSTAR 7B, the high-capacity telecommunication satellite, will serve as a back-up satellite for Apstar-7 launch, which Thales Alenia Space is currently building under contract with APT. The satellite is to be designed to provide reliable broadcasting and telecommunications services over the hemispheric coverage, the Asia Pacific Region, Middle East/ North Africa.

"I am extremely pleased that APT has demonstrated the confidence they have in Thales by ordering another satellite. This is the third satellite we are building for APT," said Reynald Seznec, CEO of Thales Alenia Space, according to a news release by the Thales Group.

The contract also includes Launch Campaign, Launch and Early Operational Phase, In Orbit Tests as well as On Site Support, Dynamic Satellite Simulator, Satellite Control Centre and Baseband Subsystem.

Based on Thales Alenia Space’s Spacebus 4000 C2 platform, APSTAR 7B has technical characteristics similar to Apstar 7 and is expected to have a minimum of 15 years lifetime.

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