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Three Russian Su-27 SKM pass flight test at Indonesian base

SU-27SKM fighters

JAKARTA (BNS): The Indonesian Air Force has successfully tested all three Russian Su-27 SKM fighter aircraft at its airbase in the South Sulawesi province, a media report said.

Under an August 2007 contract, Russia has delivered three fighter aircraft to Indonesia earlier this month.

Indonesian Air Force is also planning to buy six more Sukhoi fighter aircraft from Russia, according to a Jakarta Post report.

“The existing squadron of Sukhois remains insufficient to give a deterrent effect given our vast territory,” Antara news agency quoted Indonesia's Air Force chief of staff Marshal Imam Sufaat as saying.

The country plans to display the new fighters during the 65th anniversary of the Indonesian Defence Forces which will be held on October 5, 2010.

Indonesia had signed a $300 million contract with Russia for the delivery of six fighters – three SU-30MK2s and SU-27SKMs – in which three SU-30MK2 fighters have already been delivered to Indonesia in December 2008 and January 2009.


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