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Turkey receives T129 ATAK helicopter

T129 ATAK. Photo: Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI).

AMSTERDAM (BNS): Turkish Armed Forces have recently received their first "T129 ATAK" advanced attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopter.

This delivery is the first of 59 helicopters, 9 in T129A Early Delivery Helicopter (EDH) configuration and 50 in T129B configuration.

T129ATAK is a new generation, two-seater, twin engine helicopter specifically designed for attack and reconnaissance purposes, developed from the combat proven A129CBT.

T129A version is equipped with a nose-mounted 20 mm. turreted gun with 500 rounds capability and can carry up to 4 rocket launchers under external pylons with a total of 76 unguided rockets.

T129 ATAK could be provided with MIZRAK ATGMs, and CIRIT (70 mm. Guided Rockets) designed for Turkish Armed Forces. Further armament options include Hellfire and Spike ATGMs, Stinger A/A missiles.


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