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UK Navy helicopters exercise with USS George H W Bush

United States aircraft carrier USS George H W Bush

LONDON (BNS): A major maritime exercise codenamed Saxon Warrior was carried out recently between the UK and the US militaries.

Helicopters from 849 Naval Air Squadron took part in the exercise, held from 19 to 26 May, with the United States aircraft carrier USS George H W Bush off the west coast of Cornwall, a UK MoD statement said.

The sophisticated radar on board the Royal Navy's Airborne Surveillance and Control (ASaC) helicopters was used to help control the jets from the USS George H W Bush.

According to MoD, the radar is equally effective over land. Some 60 per cent of Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose's aircraft (where 849 Naval Air Squadron is based) are currently deployed on various operations, including anti-piracy patrols off Somalia, it said.

The US Navy's newest aircraft carrier, USS George H W Bush arrived leading her Carrier Strike Group (CSG) on its first overseas deployment.

The George H W Bush Carrier Strike Group (GHWB CSG) consists of Carrier Strike Group 2 staff, Carrier Air Wing 8, Destroyer Squadron 22 staff, the USS George H W Bush, guided-missile cruisers USS Gettysburg and USS Anzio, guided-missile destroyers USS Truxtun and USS Mitscher, and Spanish frigate ESPS Almirante Juan de Borbon, it added.


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