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US, Israel to jointly develop 'David's Sling' missile defence system

A graphic image of the Stunner interceptor. A Raytheon photo

WASHINGTON (BNS): The US and Israel on Monday signed a deal to jointly develop the ‘David's Sling’ missile defence system.

The new weapon will be used by Israel to defend itself against short-range and theater ballistic missiles, large-caliber rockets, and cruise missiles.

“David's Sling will also address the threat posed by the types of inexpensive and easily-produced short-range missiles and rockets used during the 2006 Lebanon War, and will also advance low-altitude intercept technology and provide that technology to benefit US and Israeli industry,” the US Missile Defense Agency said.

Under the agreement, the two countries will also develop the Stunner Interceptor to provide lower-tier intercept capability for Israel’s multi-layered missile defence system.

The new agreement is part of the efforts initiated under the ‘US-Israel Short-Range Ballistic Missile Defense Project Agreement’ signed by both nations in 2008, the USMDA said.


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