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US Navy achieves IOC on Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System

The Griffin missile. A Raytheon photo

TUCSON, ARIZONA (BNS): The US Navy has achieved initial operational capability (IOC) on the MK-60 Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System.

The MK-60 Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System, consisting of Raytheon-built AGM-176 Griffin missile, the Navy-designed launcher, a laser targeting system and battle management system, is designed for use in littoral waters to counter small boat threats.

The system received IOC after extensive maritime testing that began in March 2012. During that time, the Navy developed, integrated and tested a complete system using mature components combined with the Griffin, Raytheon said.

The milestone comes as the Navy continues to conduct littoral security operations in areas that require an immediate and precise response to confirmed threats.

"The Griffin missile and MK-60 system assure the accuracy and lethality our sailors need to combat growing regional threats," said Captain Mike Ladner, Major Programme Manager Surface Ship Weapons, US Navy Integrated Warfare Systems 3.0 programme office.

"IOC signals the beginning of improved ship self-defense on the Patrol Coastal fleet and provides an immediate response to potential maritime threats, especially small craft on the move."

Griffin is a multi-platform, multi-role weapon capable of being launched from land, air or sea. The combat-proven Griffin AGM-176A is an aft-eject missile designed for employment from platforms such as the C-130 aircraft. The Griffin BGM-176B is a forward-firing missile that launches from rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, ground-launch applications as well as from maritime platforms.

The MK-60 Griffin Missile System is being installed aboard the US Navy's Cyclone class ships, Patrol Coastal (PC) combatant. The MK-60 GMS consists of the following system components: MK 4 Battle Management System, MK 208 Griffin Launcher Module, AN/SSQ-133 BRITE Star II EO/IR, LRF and LD sensor and the BGM-176B Griffin B all-up-round missile.


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