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US Navy tests SeaRAM anti-ship missile defence system

A Raytheon photo

TUCSON, ARIZONA (BNS): The US Navy has conducted a series of tests involving the Raytheon-made SeaRAM anti-ship missile defence system capable of engaging multiple high-performance, supersonic and subsonic threats.

The series of two shots included one in which two supersonic missiles were inbound simultaneously, flying in complex, evasive manoeuvres.

In both flights, the SeaRAM detected, tracked and engaged the threats, and fired the latest variant Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2 guided missiles which successfully intercepted the targets, Raytheon said.

"SeaRAM achieved a new level of success today, intercepting targets under high-stress conditions," said Rick Nelson, vice president of Raytheon's Naval and Area Mission Defense product line. "The system demonstrated once again that it can provide the sophisticated protection warfighters need."

The tests were conducted on the Navy's Self Defence Test Ship off the coast of Southern California and demonstrated progress towards the anti-ship missile defence system's operational capability, the manufacturer said.

The SeaRAM anti-ship missile defence system is a spiral development of key attributes of the Phalanx close-in weapon system and the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) guided weapon system.

SeaRAM is designed to extend the inner layer battlespace and enable the ship to effectively engage multiple high-performance, supersonic and subsonic threats.

An 11-missile RAM launcher assembly replaces Phalanx's 20 mm gun. The SeaRAM combines RAM's superior accuracy, extended range and high manoeuvrability with the Phalanx Block 1B's high resolution search-and-track sensor systems and reliable quick-response capability, according to Raytheon.

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