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US missile defence not against China: White House

WASHINGTON (PTI): The US missile system is defensive in nature and not intended to pose threat to any country, including China, The White House has said.

"US missile defences are not directed at China. The deployment of radar is focused on addressing the growing North Korean missile threat. Missile defenses are defensive in nature and are not intended to pose a threat to any country," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Tuesday.

He said US is "committed" to build a "positive and cooperative" relationship with China and will continue to discuss strategic security issues in bilateral dialogue.

Carney said the Obama Administration's China policy is driven by the interests of American people and the American economy, as well as country's national security.

"That is why we have such a multi-faceted, complex relationship with China that includes cooperation in a wide variety of areas, because cooperation is beneficial both to the US and to China," Carney said.

Pointing out that the US administration discusses issues of both agreement and disagreement with China, Carney, however, said Washington will act against "unfair trade practices" harmful to American workers and businesses.

"This administration will act as it has to take cases before the WTO at twice the pace of the previous administration," he said.

He said, Barack Obama, if re-elected, will continue o work upon "broad and important" relationship between US and China.

Meanwhile, the State Department expressed its concern over the growing anti-Japan protests in China and reiterated its desire for the two countries to work this out directly.

"I spoke to our desire to see these two countries work this out directly. Secretary Panetta is in Beijing now. He will have some meetings tomorrow, and I am sure he will be making the same points as well," State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said at the daily news conference.


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