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US panel: China Navy power growing in Pacific

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WASHINGTON (AP): A US congressional advisory panel has sounded warning over China's military buildup, predicting it may be able to field the largest fleet of modern submarine and combatant ships in the West Pacific by 2020.

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said China's military modernisation is altering the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific, challenging decades of US pre-eminence.

The commission, which released its wide-ranging annual report on Wednesday, advises Congress on the national security implications of the relationship between the two world powers.

It also examines cyber intrusions from China, the trade and economic relationship with the US and China's relations with the wider world.

The commission's primary recommendation is that Congress fund navy shipbuilding and increase the US navy's operational presence region in support of the Defence Department's goal to base 60 percent of its warships in the Asia-Pacific by 2020, up from about 50 percent currently.

That's a key priority of the Obama administration's diplomatic and military rebalance to Asia, after a decade of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The commission said it welcomes the policy, but added: "There is growing concern among US allies and partners that the Department of Defence will be unable to follow through on its commitment to the rebalance due to declining defence budget and continuing security challenges elsewhere."

The panel also urges the US improve air and maritime capabilities of allies in the region.

Last year, the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the commission of "indulging in cold war mentality." Beijing says it has no offensive intent, and accuses Washington of trying to contain it.

The US still far outstrips China in military spending, but in Asia faces a greater burden in fielding forces far from its own shores.


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