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USAF to launch second orbital test vehicle

In a testing procedure, the first X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle taxis on the flightline at the Astrotech facility in Titusville, Florida. Photo: US DoD

WASHINGTON (BNS): US Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office official has announced the launch of the second X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle taxis on March 4th with a back-up launch opportunity on March 5th.

The Air Force officials will focus on the testing and evaluation of the performance capabilities of the vehicle during the first X-37B OTV mission.

This second mission is build upon the OTV-1 on-orbit demonstration, which will validate and replicate the initial testing and fine tune the technical parameters of the vehicle tests.

Launch specialists at the Air Force Space Command's 45th Space Wing at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, will launch the vehicle from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on an Atlas V rocket from Space Launch Complex-41.

The vehicle will land at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, and will be recovered by technicians from the 30th Space Wing.


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