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US-Mozambique to begin exercise SHARED ACCORD '10

Dock workers look on as gear bound for the support of Exercise SHARED ACCORD is offloaded from the BELUGA FUSION, a Liberian flag ship, July 25, 2010. Photo: US Marine Sergeant.

MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE (BNS): The US and Mozambican militaries have announced to participate in the bilateral exercise SHARED ACCORD 2010 in Mozambique.

“This exercise is part of a solid, long-term, multi-faceted partnership between the US and Mozambican militaries,” said Lt. Col. Andrew Olson, defense attaché at the US Embassy, said in a US Army official news release.

“Hundreds of members of both our armed forces will participate together in various types of military training, including command post, live-fire training, and peace operations, as well as sharing their experience." he added.

“We are confident that this exercise will help develop Mozambique’s capabilities to offer additional security for its neighbours, keep Mozambique itself more free from threats to its own security, such as illegal fishing, trafficking in drugs or other illegal activities,” Olson added.

The SHARED ACCORD is a combined, bilateral US-partner national exercise designed to improve interoperability and mutual understanding of each nation's military tactics, techniques and procedures.

Mozambique will host the 15 day exercise which will conclude on August 13th, 2010.

The exercise is also designed to build partner nation capacity for conducting peace and stability operations.

Earlier, SHARED ACCORD has taken place in several locations such as Benin, Ghana and Senegal.


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