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India has no 'Cold Start' doctrine: Army Chief

"There is nothing called 'Cold Start' (doctrine) in the Indian Army. We don't have anything called '...

PM favours modernisation of country's defence doctrines

We have to be prepared to deal with threats to our security from non-state actors and groups, says P...

Indian armed force releases joint doctrine

The armed forces have released three joint doctrines for enhancing "synergised" fighting capabilitie...

Russia's new nuke doctrine a veiled warning to China, NATO

The Russian Federation, in its new nuclear doctrine, reserves the right to hit back with nuclear wea...

Indian doctrine "offensive" military strategy: Gen Kayani

Pakistan Army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said Indian Army's "cold start doctrine" was an issue t...

Indian Army working on new war doctrine

The new military doctrine could include two-front simultaneous wars with China and Pakistan besides ...

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