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IAF team successfully scaled S America's highest peak

The Indian Air Force (IAF) team consisting of five air warriors has successfully returned after hois...

Milky Way map simplified by an American Scientist

Samuel Arbesman a scientist from Harvard University created a simplified, intergalactic map of Milky...

America vows to continue supplying arms to Taiwan

US military officials insist they will supply weapons to Taiwan to protect itself from possible Chin...

After US giants, American SMEs make pitch in India

The US Department of Commerce's first Aerospace Supplier Development Trade Mission to India is curre...

Spaceport America, world's first commercial spaceport

Virgin Galactic, the world’s first space-line will soon take off the first tourist space flight from...

American lead in space is perishable: Report

A new aerospace report says the US can no longer afford to treat its national security, civil and co...

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