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Atlantis crew to begin dress rehearsal for final flight to Hubble

Astronauts for the Hubble Space Telescope repair mission will suit up in their orange launch-and-ent...

Technical snag in replacement equipment might delay Atlantis launch

The launch of space shuttle Atlantis that will ferry a seven-member crew to repair the Hubble Telesc...

Atlantis' standby shuttle to roll out on Thursday

Endeavour is getting ready for its standby role to Atlantis, which is set for take off on October 10...

NASA postpones Atlantis and Endeavour launch

NASA has rescheduled the dates of the launch of Shuttle Atlantis STS-125 and Shuttle Endeavour STS-1...

Now Hanna delays Atlantis move to launch pad

According to present indications, Shuttle Atlantis is now likely to be rolled out from Kennedy's Veh...

Atlantis to move to launch pad on Aug 30

As per the schedule, the first shuttle motion out of Kennedy's Vehicle Assembly Building is expected...

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