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Desi Bofors go for confirmatory trials

Dhanush artillery guns have gone for confirmatory trials that will last till early next year, as the...

Indian Bofors gun's barrel bursts during trials

A barrel of the indigenous- version of the Bofors howitzers burst during their trials in the Pokhara...

Indian Army issues global tender to procure howitzers

The fresh request for proposal (RFP), issued in the third week of January, includes procurement of o...

First time after Bofors, Indian Army may procure howitzer gun

As part of its over Rs 20,000 crore artillery modernisation plan, the Indian Army is looking at indu...

Ordnance Factory Board proposes Bofors gun upgrade

The Government has received a proposal from the Ordnance Factory Board to undertake up-gradation of ...

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