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NASA fixes moon probe glitch

NASA engineers have fixed the glitch that threatened to derail the space probe on its way to the moo...

Technical glitch delays first Soyuz launch from Europe

The much awaited launch of Russian-built Soyuz rocket with Galileo navigation satellites from the Eu...

Agni-II trial deferred due to technical glitch

The user trial of nuclear capable Agni-II intermediate range ballistic missile, slated for Monday, h...

Technical glitch delays French military satellite launch

Anomaly in a launcher subsystem postpones the launch of Helios 2B satellite by few days....

Technical glitches paralyses Mars orbiters

Mars Odyssey reached the Red Planet in 2001 and has been the prime communications relay for the rove...

Europe's ambitious satellite launch put on hold due to Russian rocket glitch

Russian authorities responsible for putting Europe’s GOCE Earth explorer satellite into orbit have s...

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