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Pentagon notifies Cong of proposed sale of missile to India

The Pentagon has notified the US Congress about its decision to sell anti-ship Harpoon missiles to I...

US clears sale of Harpoon missiles to Brazil

The US Government has cleared a proposal to sell AGM-84L Harpoon Block II missiles and associated eq...

Taiwan gets US submarine-launched missiles: report

Taiwan has received the first shipment of anti-ship missiles which it ordered from the United States...

US DoD awards $66 mln Harpoon missile contract to Boeing

Taiwan's purchase, at a cost of US$43.85 million, accounts for 66.4 percent of the entire contract....

Harpoon modification poses danger of proliferation: Navy Chief

Admiral Mehta concern over Pakistan's illegal modification of US-supplied anti-ship Harpoon missiles...

Pentagon offers Harpoon missiles to India

US offers the latest version of Harpoon missiles to India as Defence minister AK Antony visits Washi...

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