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Indian government grants Rs 95cr for manned space programme

The fund is approved to study the aspects of sending a manned mission to space...

India, US to jointly develop storm aircraft

India is teaming up with the US to jointly develop an aircraft that will help in forecasting cyclone...

Indian PM calls for strengthening air, maritime security

PM Manmohan Singh proposes setting up of Federal Investigation Agency and establishing four NSG hubs...

Indian Government backs ISRO's manned moon mission

Irrespective of the cost, Centre will fully support ISRO's manned moon mission, assures Antony

Indian Air Force asks its officers to increase vigil

In the wake of global economic recession and instability in the neighbourhood, the IAF asks its offi...

Indian Air Force's new squadron to fly vintage fighters

IAF plans to equip new squadron with vintage fighters to continue its association with the glorious ...

India plans manned space mission in 2015 ahead of manned moon mission

Man lunar mission by the time of proposed next manned moon missions by the US and China in 2020, say...

India, Russia to hold joint naval exercise in Gulf of Aden

New Delhi will conduct naval wargames with Moscow to combat anti sea-piracy and boost its naval pres...

Indian panel pitches for airfare cut, ATF tax rationalization

Concerned over ongoing turmoil in aviation industry, a high-level committee urges Government to come...

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