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Liquid water may still be flowing on Mars

Scientists using data from NASA's Mars orbiting spacecraft have found the 'strongest indication' tha...

NASA data suggests presence of liquid water on Europa

The data suggest there is significant exchange between Europa's icy shell and the ocean beneath....

Liquid water interacted with Martian surface quite recently: Study

Scientists, after studying data from NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander, have found that liquid water has be...

Evidence of liquid water found on frozen Mars

Scientist have focused on the early Martian conditions to understand what formed the surface featur...

Analysis proves presence of liquid water on Mars

Scientists from Michigan University find the presence of salty, liquid water on a leg of the Mars Ph...

Report: Mars Lander halts soil search for evidence of liquid water

Analysis of soil from ‘Stone Soup’ at the wet chemistry lab has temporarily halted the s...

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