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India aims to crack 'methane mystery' with Mars mission

India's proposed mission to Mars in November next year will attempt to crack the "methane mystery", ...

A robot boat to sail on methane lake of Saturn’s moon Titan

British scientists, along with NASA, are planning to build the first ‘extraterrestrial boat’ which t...

Lakes on Titan filled with ethane, methane and not water

The lakes on Saturn's Moon Titan are not composed of water but contain liquid hydrocarbons like etha...

Distant planet in Solar System lacks methane

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected a small distant planet the size of Neptune whose atmosph...

NASA scientists detect methane gas on exoplanet from Earth

The scientists spotted evidence of methane gas in the atmosphere of the planet HD 189733b using rela...

Methane discovery confirms life on Mars

NASA says if microscopic Martian life is producing the methane, it quite likely resides far below th...

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