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China's Moon rover wakes up after troubled dormancy

The "dead" Moon rover, the Jade Rabbit, has "woken" up from its troubled dormancy and received norma...

China's Moon rover develops snag

China's first moon rover 'Yutu' has experienced a "mechanical control abnormity" and scientists are ...

China's Moon rover performs first lunar probe

China's Moon rover 'Yutu' has successfully used its mechanical arm to complete its first scientific ...

China shows off Moon rover model

The country has offered a rare glimpse into its secretive space programme by displaying the model of...

Ten names shortlisted for China's 1st Moon rover

"Yutu," or jade hare in Chinese, tops the list while "Tansuo," or explore, and "Lanyue," or catch mo...

China's first Moon rover to be powered by nuclear battery

China's first Moon rover will be powered by a home-built nuclear battery, the chief scientist of the...

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