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NASA Curiosity rover to probe rocks on Mars

NASA has sent its Mars Curiosity rover to investigate a mysterious set of rocks on the Red Planet....

Curiosity sitting on Martian rocks akin to those in Mexico

Researchers have found that the Martian crater where NASA's Curiosity rover is roaming has a composi...

China says navy ship hits rocks in disputed waters

China's Defence Ministry says one of its navy's missile frigates has run aground while conducting pa...

Early rocks similar to candy floss- study

An international team, which included Curtin University, Imperial College London and Liverpool Unive...

Laser tool on Curiosity to study Martian rocks

The completed and tested instrument has been shipped to NASA Jet Porpulsion Laboratory from Los Alam...

Mars rocks 'may contain evidence of life'

A study by an international has revealed that the ancient rocks of Nili Fossaeare are almost identic...

Researchers examine Apollo rocks

Magnetic traces recorded in the Apollo rocks show that the moon had a liquid core with a dynamo that...

Rocks on Mars are on the move

New research shows that rocks on Mars are rolling into the wind and forming organised patterns

Now, rocks to soak up carbon dioxide!

Researchers confirm rocks could be harnessed to sponge vast amounts of globe warming CO2 from air

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