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Congratulatory messages pour in for Chandrayaan scientists

India seems to be over the moon, and congratulatory messages pour in for the Chandrayaan team...

President, PM congratulate space scientists

Indian political leadership congratulates space scientists on the successful launch of Chandrayaan-1...

British scientist looks forward to Chandrayaan launch

A British scientist who designed the camera that would take pictures of the Moon’s surface on Chandr...

Scientists discover biggest star, 116 times the Sun

Scientists have discovered galaxy's most massive star known to mankind weighing 116 times the Sun...

Scientists floored by diamond-like images of Steins

A complete analysis of Rosetta data will make Steins, the best-characterised asteroid till date....

Scientist to look for signs of life on icy Europa

It is difficult to imagine how on Europa, with average temperatures of minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit,...

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