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Security forces will face a 'hot summer': Antony

The army is ready to face attempts to sneak in more terrorists from across the border this summer, s...

Chinese aid to build Sri Lanka port poses no security threat: Navy

China is helping Sri Lanka to build the Hambantota strategic port with an estimated investment of US...

Maritime security framework needed to counter threats

"Such a comprehensive framework will help India to counter all aspects of threat,

India to reinforce security in Andaman & Nicobar

India is planning to plug gaps in the A & Nicobar Islands' security with possible induction of S...

US-Japan navy celebrated 50 yrs of security pact

 US-  Japan naval forces hold event at the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force's Yokosuka...

HSL under defence ministry for security reason: Govt

Government intention is to create capabilities for the Navy to indigenously construct nuclear submar...

Antony asks Navy, CG to quickly plug gaps in coastal security

"The Navy and Coast Guard will take a fresh look at the gaps in coastal security if any and come up ...

New Coast Guard base in Karwar to strengthen maritime security

Government has planned to establish 14 more CG stations along the country's 7,500-km long coastline....

'Army should be made self-reliant to meet security challenges'

Prototype Mine Protected Vehicle has been tested for manoeuvrability, high mobility through shallow ...

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