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Demonstrate commitment to give up nuclear weapons: ElBaradei

ElBaradei said to demonstrate commitment to free the world from such weapons....

No need for concern about new weapons, says China

China will showcase up to 52 types of new weapon systems at the October 1 military parade on the oca...

Now, soldiers to be equipped with multi-caliber weapons, grenades

Keeping pace with modern warfare era, India plans to design ‘Futuristic Infantry Soldier-As-A-System...

Russia to focus on tactical nuclear weapons for subs

While maintaining its fleet of strategic subs, Russia also plans to focus on growth of nuclear-power...

India plans to use laser weapons in Ballistic Missile Defence

The laser based interceptor will give "more time" to the BMD system to kill ballistic missile launch...

USAF to set up Global Strike Command for nuclear weapons

The decision is part of a comprehensive roadmap to ensure that the past blunders involving mismanage...

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