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Patria showcases AMV with Kongsberg Protector at Eurosatory 2010

Patria AMV 8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicle. In the inset, KONGSBERG PROTECTOR Medium Calibre Remote Weapon Station (left) and KONGSBERG PROTECTOR Lite.

PARIS (BNS): Patria, a defence, security and aerospace group, presented the Patria AMV 8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicle together with the new KONGSBERG PROTECTOR Lite in a “Hunter-Killer” role, at the Eurosatory 2010, which kicked-off on Monday.

In its “Nordic IFV –concept” Patria is combining the most modern combat proven armoured wheeled vehicle the Patria AMV 8x8 with a unique combination of the new KONGSBERG PROTECTOR Medium Calibre Remote Weapon Station (MC RWS) and the KONGSBERG PROTECTOR Lite in a “Hunter-Killer” role, as reported by the company in an official news release.

The concept also features KONGSBERG Blue Force PROTECTOR, a near real-time battle management system distributing information on own and friendly positions in a network to reduce the risk for Blue-on-Blue incidents, as well as the Rheinmetall Defence Situational Awareness System (SAS) that provides 360° degree view.

According to the release, Patria AMV fulfils the toughest procurement requirements of modern defence forces, such as increased mobility, effective protection, versatile adaptability and ability to use air transports.

Patria AMV is a European solution with outstanding test results from all over the world and with well over 1300 vehicles contracted from the Finnish, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian, South African and United Arab Emirates’ Defence Forces.

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