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Russia: 1st air and missile defence army to receive upgraded S-300 air defence weapons

S-300 anti-aircraft missile system at the Victory Parade, Red Square, 9 May 2009. Photo:

MOSCOW (TASS-DEFENCE): The 1st air and missile defence army of the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive four modernised anti-aircraft S-300PM2 complexes and several squadrons of Pantsir-S2 missile guns this year, army Commander Lieutenant-General Andrei Demin told reporters.

"This year shipments of close to 200 pieces of armaments for Pantsir-S and up to 20 modern radars for radio-technical troops (including Fundament, Podlet and others), several squadrons of Pantsir-S2 and four modernised S-300PM2 complexes are planned," he said.

The radio-technical troops will also receive over 10 latest dual-purpose Sopka-2 radars. At present servicemen of the 1st army are retrained to operate new armaments at the training center of the Military Academy of the Aerospace Defence in Vladimir, Demin said.

The Moscow air defence district was created in April 1918. It was succeeded by the air and missile defence command which in August 2015 was transformed into the 1st air and missile defence army of the Order of Lenin.


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